Depending on the purpose Websites serves, their systems have different structures with different levels of complexity. They can be categorised into four main groups: Static, Dynamic, Interactive and Shopping. Although each group has its own needs, content and audiences it provides a framework that is used to construct many different kinds of Websites and helps to define a Website design approach.

There are not always clear boundaries between the groups however this structure provides a starting point in navigating the website creation process. The digital world is constantly evolving and so do design patterns, which brings more ways to differentiate your website and deliver the best experience to your customers.

Static Content Websites

Any information that is intended to be presented to the Internet audience, and does not need to be changed frequently, is structured into Static Content Website. This group represents a wide variety of Websites with different styles, sizes and types of information. They range from personal and small businesses Websites to large corporations and government Websites.

Website Design Image - Static Content

Dynamic Content Websites

To deliver more relevant content to the visitor, Websites use dynamic system that stores or has access to a large volume of information and displays it selectively, based on individual visitor’s requirements. This type of Websites utilise database technology which allows the relevant content to be delivered more efficiently. A typical example of the Dynamic Content Website would be the booking service.

Website Design Image - Dynamic Content

Interactive Websites

Internet brings people together across geographic and economic boundaries. The medium that makes such interaction possible is the Interactive Website. Some of the examples include educational forums and social networking sites. They function as a valuable resource and support system for people by providing a network which brings the benefits of sharing ideas, asking questions and reporting problems.

Website Design Image - Interaction

Shopping Websites

Almost anything can be sold online and that is exactly the purpose that Shopping Websites serve. They incorporate payment processing technology that allows companies to accept payments via the Internet. It can be a small Website that offers as little as one product or a huge department store with thousands of different products.

Website Design Image - Shopping

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