Websites, Web Presence
and Internet Tools

A Website is the most important online tool in the web presence development that organisations and individuals use to achieve their objectives. It is, however, operating in large technological social environments which include such elements as search engines, email, social networks and online media, as well mobile networks and IT support. To maximise the ability to reach new audiences, Web Presence Development needs to consider all these elements.

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Digital Oriented provides complete online presence management which incorporates the design of new or redesign of existing Website. As this is a very complex process, we are inclined to take a collaborative approach in helping our customers in to develop the digital tools and online strategies that would serve their needs best.

Website Types We Design and Develop

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Custom Static Content Websites

This group represents a wide variety of Websites with different styles, sizes and types of information. They range from personal and small businesses Websites to large corporations and government Websites.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Practical solution for websites which content needs regular updates. It allows you to manage your website from an easy-to-use dashboard interface and streamlines the process of changing information.

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Electronic Commerce Websites

Websites designed and developed as fully featured ecommerce online stores incorporating shopping cart system and payment processing technology that allows companies to accept payments via the Internet.

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Dynamically Generated Content Websites

To deliver more relevant content to the visitor, this type of Websites use dynamic system that stores or has access to a large volume of information and displays it selectively, based on individual visitor’s requirements.

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Interactive and Communication Websites

Websites that provide communication tools and social media spaces designed to function as an information resource and support system which brings the benefits of sharing ideas, asking questions and reporting problems.

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Industry and Sector Specific Website Design

Design and development of websites with industry specific features, functionalities and performance utilising latest marker research and emerging business trends that are unique to a particular industry.