A Website is acting as one of the public faces of the company. Before prospective customers decide to make a product or service enquiry, the website is usually the first to introduce the business to them.

Our industry knowledge allows us to provide competent industry specific Website design services and manage our customers’ online presence with industry specific performance and utilising latest marker research and emerging business trends unique to a particular industry.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Trade and Commerce

Trade and Commerce

An Internet shopping Website requires the design of a well structured and efficient system in order to presents products to Website visitors in a well organised manner, offering functionalities for convenient browsing as well as easy inventory management and processing of purchasing orders. It is also necessary for online stores to employ extra security measures in order to provide customers with safety.

Leisure and Hospitality

A Website of the company that provides leisure and hospitality services needs to satisfy its visitors with quality information on the facilities and the services they offer in order to set realistic customer expectations. It may feature the functionality for customers to leave reviews of the services they received, which in turn would provide potential customers with more confidence in the company and its services.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Leisure and Hospitality
Industry Specific Website Design Image - Manufacturing


Online strategies of different manufacturing companies can differ significantly. They can offer an online ordering facility or use the Website as a means for communications with suppliers. Some of them may want to list all the products they produce on the Website accompanying them with full specifications. The others would prefer to publish only limited information and encourage their customers to contact them for full details.

Transport and Logistics

Logistics and transport companies are normally involved in cross-border operations and their Website needs to have an international business feel. In addition to providing services information, the Websites can also incorporate a tracking system so that customers can monitor the progress of their delivery online.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Transport and Logistics
Industry Specific Website Design Image - Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction

The structure and features of an engineering company Website needs to enable the comprehensive presentation of its expertise, services offered and experience. Besides serving as a marketing tool, it can also function as an extension of company’s offline business. A consultancy may provide access to the specialist information related to its field which can contribute to building relationships with prospective customers.

Real Estate

Customers who are looking for a property have different search preferences. To give them more satisfaction the property management Websites provide multiple ways to filter and view their search results. One of them is the map integration that allows Websites to display the geographical location of properties. Another necessary attribute of the real estate Websites is the multimedia presentation of the properties for sale.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Real Estate
Industry Specific Website Design Image - Banking


The development of a bank Website requires strong emphasis on two elements: functionality and user interface. It will incorporate various technologies that allow secure financial transactions, and provide a wide range of tools to help customers to manage their spending, saving and investing.

Financial Services

Websites for financial services companies provide different functionalities and tools depending on the type of services offered. They may feature an integrated login system to enable customers to access online account management facilities. The Website system will also be required to incorporate security technology to ensure safety of financial transactions.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Financial Services
Industry Specific Website Design Image - Education


Education is the primary driver of progress. The foundation of progress is communication and the essence of communication is its free flow. The Website design of an educational institution would focus on helping to bring its entire community closer together. It needs a dynamic system that can efficiently organise a high level of information and communication tools and create a supportive and resourceful environment.


Healthcare professionals are committed to improving the quality of life and health of people. The Websites of hospitals and medical practitioners serve as educational resources for patients as well as for other healthcare providers. They will need an integrated robust content management system that would help them maintain the high standards of information provision.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Healthcare
Industry Specific Website Design Image - Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

In everything it does, government’s obligation is to serve the public interest and so should be its Website’s obligation. Different government departments may require an integration of different technology platforms. They provide a diverse range of services which, however, are related by a unified purpose. A well structured, intuitive navigation system would ensure the easy access to information and make the Website a unified whole.

Science and Research

The role of science, which is collaborative in nature, is driving innovations. Scientists work together in interdisciplinary teams on issues that have an impact on the society in almost all spheres of activity. The science company’s Website would benefit from a system that combines an open access publishing with networking capabilities and so enables scientists to make their work freely available and explain it to the public.

Industry Specific Website Design Image - Science and Research

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