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Create, Organise, Publish, Manage

Content management system (CMS) is a practical solution for websites which content needs regular updates. It allows you to manage your website from an easy-to-use dashboard interface and streamlines the process of changing information, adding different types of digital media, publishing project updates, sharing news or even creating whole new website pages.

The modular structure of CMS provides the high flexibility of industry-specific website development, great responsiveness to changes in business requirements and allows a virtually unlimited potential for expansion with implementation of additional components and features.

We have experience in developing websites with the most advanced and commonly used content management platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. For small and medium-sized businesses, especially those planning to manage their websites themselves, we recommend WordPress as an easy to learn and use system and offer a number of website development solution to suit different functionality and budgetary requirements.

WordPress Website Design Options

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Basic: from £95.00

Great starting point for building your online presence, avoiding overspending and minimising cost.

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Standard: from £295.00

Budget priced option for a professional quality website to create a positive online presence.

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Premium: from £495.00

Advanced design and cost effective option for companies with higher online business requirements.