Traditional Website
containing static information

Any information that is intended to be presented to the Internet audience, and does not need to be changed frequently, is structured into Static Content Website. This group represents a wide variety of Websites with different styles, sizes and types of information. They range from personal and small businesses Websites to large corporations and government Websites.

Price: from £195.00

Website Design Image - Static Content

Whether it is technical expertise that you require or a full Web design and Website management service, Digital Oriented has a solution.

Our service offer is composed of four packages named Builder, Engineer, Architect and Project Manager to reflect the project scope of work which can include Website design, Website development, graphic design, search engine optimisation, marketing, social media integration and Website maintenance.

Website Design and Management Solutions Image - Builder


You have a clear vision of your Website and confidence to create the content and graphics yourself, but need assistance in bringing your vision to life. The “Builder” will assist you with the content development, advise you on the technical aspects of Website construction and build your Website to your exact specifications.

Website Design and Management Solutions Image - Engineer


If you are certain about your future website look and needed functionality, and require the service of content development, we will do our best to translate your vision into quantifiable terms. The “Engineer” will create all necessary components, including text, graphics and images, and develop an appropriate structure to ensure that design will work.

Website Design and Management Solutions Image - Architect


Is that the inspiration that you require? The “Architect” will work closely with you to help you to form the image you want to project and design your Website, focusing on the aesthetic principles, at the best of his creativity.

Website Design and Management Solutions Image - Project Manager

“Project Manager”

Along with design services we offer a complete Website management solution. The “Project Manager” will provide Website maintenance including technical support, hosting of your Website on our own servers, update content and implement changes according to your requirements.

Digital Oriented is based in Eastbourne, East Sussex providing its services nationwide. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your Web Design and Development project in more detail or request a quote.